Reggie Miller admits he 'lightly' pushed off Michael Jordan in 1998 Eastern Conference finals

Jack Baer
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ESPN’s “The Last Dance” reached the 1998 Eastern Conference finals, and that meant it was time for a whole lot of Reggie Miller.

The brash, sharpshooting star of the Indiana Pacers recorded one of the high points of his career in Game 4 when he slipped away from Michael Jordan and nailed a winning 3-pointer to even the series against the Bulls.

However, as many Bulls fans will grumble, an offensive foul may or may not have occurred immediately before that clutch shot.

You can be the judge:

“The Last Dance” was bound to address the shot, and it had Miller more or less admitting he really did push off of Jordan.

It was a light push-off though.

Again, you can review the video and be the judge if it was a light push-off.

Either way, the Bulls probably don’t mind too much these days as they eventually pulled out the seven-game series win and went onto complete a second threepeat.

Meanwhile, the Pacers had their fun with Miller’s revelation with one of the breakout stars of “The Last Dance.”

Chicago Bulls' guard Michael Jordan (L) and Indiana Pacers' guard Reggie Miller (R) rest and watch a free throw, during the first quarter of game seven of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals in Chicago, May 31.    SUE/VM/CLH/
More than two decades after the fact, Miller admitted he pushed off of Jordan. Lightly, though. (Reuters)

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