'What the hell': NFL star in hot water over Running of the Bulls video

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman might have some explaining to do after a video emerged of the 31-year-old leaping a bull at the Running of the Bulls festival in Spain.

Video emerged of the cornerback running in the arena at the Pamplona festival before coming face to face with a bull.

The 31-year-old then jumps over the bull and is cheered on by members of the crowd.

His involvement in the hazardous event was widely slammed on social media with sports commentator Stephen Smith panning the ‘underperforming’ cornerback.

Redskins star Josh Norman was caught jumping a bull in Pamplona. (Images: ESPN)

“I am talking about the owner, Daniel Snyder, I would have picked up the phone and said ‘excuse me, I just gave you $37 million over the last two years,’ he said.

“‘You’ve been here three years and you haven’t made the pro bowl one time.

“‘Did you know that if I just get rid of you right now I would save $11 million...what the hell is wrong with you. I better not ever see that again as long as you are wearing a Redskins uniform.’”

“You’ve got to be crazy.”

Many fans on social media speculated how the Redskins front office would react to the video.