Red on Leeds home shirt divides supporters

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We asked for your views on Leeds United's home kit for the 2024-25 Championship season and we have been inundated with responses.

Here are some of your thoughts:

Mike: Grim. They clearly know the traditionalists' aversion to red, due to the Yorkshire/Lancashire thing, yet they ploughed ahead regardless. I think this is the first step in a full Red Bull rebrand.

Oli: The kit is stunning! I think people should stop crying about a bit of red - it is £60m!

Charlie: It was highly unlikely Red Bull were ever going to change their logo for the first kit. Ultimately, they want to see a return on their investment. Therefore, chucking a bit of controversy out there by having red on the famous white shirt will only increase fan engagement. It chucks more publicity out there for Red Bull, which is very much in their interest.

Becca: Absolutely no surprise. It's like a normal shirt with a sponsor on! I think the uproar is unnecessary! It is a great shirt, similar to our previous one, just with a new sponsor. It is great that they have kept their logo and the main colours. I like it!

Cam: I know some people say, "it's only a bit of red, why are you all kicking off for?" but it is these small changes that keep defacing our club little by little. I will not be getting the home shirt this season. I'm hoping that the second and third kits are a lot better.

Jim: Sorry, it's awful. You simply can't have the colour red anywhere in the kit. Even the McDonald's which is close to Elland Road doesn't have the colour red anywhere in the restaurant.

Caroline: The home shirts for the last two seasons were great, but this one is a big no! Red Bull are already stamping their authority and they are dismissing our history.

John: I'm not worried about how the kit looks - it is about who wears it and how they perform that matters. We need to focus on the squad and who is staying, leaving or arriving. We need to win our matches and we will all be happy to wear the shirt.