Rebel MP's expulsion a 'turning point' for Vic Liberals

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* "Today marks a real turning point for the state parliamentary Liberal Party. We know that in order to be an effective opposition ... we have to be an inclusive, welcoming and engaged party that is in touch with our local communities, talking about the issues that are relevant to them." Opposition Leader John Pesutto

* "All of her (Ms Deeming's) other hateful, bigoted views they were fine. But the moment she threatened to sue Mr Pesutto she has to go. It tells you all you need to know." Premier Daniel Andrews

* "You cannot sue your boss and expect to keep your job. Suing your party and leader is a gross act of betrayal." Opposition business manager James Newbury

* "It was extremely disappointing that a suspended MP would take such action against a leader." Opposition health spokeswoman Georgie Crozier

* "It's a clear and firm direction forward. This is about the future and about us taking on the Andrews Labor government." Opposition special minister of state David Davis

"At the moment we've been talking about ourselves but hopefully this meeting today (will) draw a line in the sand." Opposition tourism, sport and events spokesman Sam Groth

* "It'll be interesting to see what follows on from that (the expulsion). Obviously there's a defamation case now so it's going to make things, I think, very difficult." Rowville MP Kim Wells

* "The Liberal Party in Victoria needs to throw out two-thirds of its parliamentary representatives and replace them with people like truth-telling MP Moira Deeming." FamilyVoice gender spokesman David d'Lima