'Really struggling': Smith opens up on mental health battle in school visit

Former Australia cricket captain Steve Smith has visited his former school in Sydney to share some insights into his downfall since the ball-tampering scandal.

Smith attended assembly at Knox Grammar School, and spoke about mental health, making mistakes and the importance of friends and family.

“I was really struggling mentally,” Smith told students.

“It (recovering from the tampering saga) certainly was the toughest thing that I’ve had to do.”

Smith also explained how a stupid stunt from an FM radio station presenter at his press conference following the ball tampering saga helped him get over the controversy.

The former skipper revealed the failed stunt led to the media showing him some empathy, shifting their sentiment from anger to understanding.

The talented batsman, who was more a spinner during his time at Knox, is now preparing to return to cricket at a Canadian Twenty20 event, starting in late June.

Meanwhile, fellow perpetrator of the tampering scandal, David Warner, is also ramping up in his bid to return to cricket.

He posted an update of himself and other NSW cricketers undergoing a conditioning session on Monday.

Warner will also appear at the Global T20 Canada tournament later this month.