'Reality is, there has been a change in the level of player,' says Rodgers

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers tells BBC Sportsound he is "just freshening things up" as he makes four changes from the 1-1 draw with Aberdeen.

"The guys that we have brought in, we trust. Nicolas [Kuhn] has taken a wee bit of time to get up to speed and how we work, while Adam [Idah] is game ready having been involved with Norwich," he said. "He showed moments of quality and it's nice for him to come in and we have a bench to effect the game if we need it."

On Rangers moving level on points, Rodgers added "the mindset has not changed".

"Whether it's 10 points, 20 points or level on points, as a Celtic player there is a demand to in every game so nothing changes," he said. "If we win tonight, we don't win the league, we lose tonight, we don't lose the league. The biggest thing for us is the consistency. We have dropped too many points, more points than I would have expected."

The Celtic boss emphasised there has been, "absolutely no change whatsoever in terms of how the players have been asked to play," adding, "where there has been change, is the level of player, that's the reality."