Rashford situation 'incredibly worrying'

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BBC Radio Manchester's Gaz Drinkwater has been discussing Marcus Rashford's squad omission on The Devils' Advocate podcast: "Why hasn't [Erik] Ten Hag just said he was out of the team because of illness'? He's not done that. He's come out after the game pretty stern-faced about it and said it's an internal matter.

"My concern here is, how come Ten Hag is so happy to air-out someone like Jadon Sancho? When he said what he did about Sancho, it wasn't after a loaded question from a journalist - it was just a question about why Sancho was not in the squad. Ten Hag said he had not been training properly, as simply as that.

He was actually pushed on topic of Marcus Rashford and given the opportunity to maybe explain what happened, but instead of saying what the club has said about him being ill, he said it was an internal matter.

"We've seen Rashford arriving at Carrington this morning with his agent and we're not sure now if there are showdown talks with Ten Hag. I'm not sure what has happened behind the scenes here, but either way it is incredibly worrying."

YouTuber Will Kemp added: "I think it is the case with Rashford [that he is given chances]. He is probably given the most chances out of everyone on the pitch because of who he is. He should be - based on the performances he gave on the pitch last season, he deserves the extra chance.

"In terms of disciplinary matters, if you have had a warning and missed half the game where you came on and score, this time you can't do the same [punishment] because he has not learned from it.

"Whether it is turning up late or calling in sick, for me the club has to make a statement. It has to be a bigger punishment than just 45 minutes out of the starting line-up."

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