We Ranked 35 Puppy Interviews By Cuteness, But To Be Honest, They Are All Perfect

BuzzFeed Studios has a new puppy movie starring Lucy Hale and Grant Gustin that's streaming on Freevee now! To celebrate Puppy Love and our love for puppies, we wanted to round up some of our favorite celeb puppy interviews from over the years.

*Patiently waits for the Lucy Hale and Grant Gustin puppy interview*

Make yourself several cups of tea and get comfortable, my friends. There’s a lot of cuteness ahead!

35.Stray Kids play…with puppies:

34.Sofia Carson’s voice plus puppies equals most soothing content ever:

33.The cast of Outer Banks making Pogues everywhere melt from cuteness:

32.Monsta X, but specifically, the puppy falling asleep in Shownu’s lap:

31.Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling being the cutest, with puppy chaos around them:

30.Michael B. Jordan making us all wish we were puppies:

29.KJ Apa just lying on the floor with the fur babies:

28.Florence Pugh proving to us that she’s definitely a dog mom:

27.Ryan Reynolds and Robert McElhenney ignoring the questions and focusing on the puppies instead, like any normal human:

26.Jackson Wang not being able to do romance with people. But puppies, yes:

25.Penn Badgley literally matching with one of the pups:

24.Miley Cyrus snuggling with cute balls of floof:

23.Tessa Thompson rolling on the floor in puppy:

22.Steve Carell being such a dad with the little ones:

21.TXT and their pups being straight-up adorable:

20.Kate McKinnon doing her puppy voice:

19.Daniel Radcliffe being potentially more adorable than the pups:

18.Demi Lovato wins for most contagious laughter:

17.Stephen Curry being an absolute pro surrounded by rambunctious puppers:

16.Maitreyi Ramakrishnan comforting a puppy while dishing goss:

15.Jesse Williams’s former life as a teacher on full display with the kids:

14.Jake Gyllenhaal being ultra distracted by puppers:

13.Elizabeth Olsen being a calm queen in the face of so much rambunctiousness, even though she’s not really a dog person:

12.Jason Momoa video-calling his mom to show her a doggo she’d love:

11.Noah Centineo almost eating a puppy:

10.Chris Evans, whose idea it was to bring out senior dogs as well:

9.Austin Butler made us all shook up:

8.Millie Bobby Brown and puppies combined to make dangerous levels of cute:

7.But then...there was the entire cast of Stranger Things, and our hearts couldn’t handle it:

6.Can’t decide who is cuter, Billie Eilish or the puppies:

5.Okay. We're almost there. In fifth place, we have Tom Holland with puppies in the "Part 2" we didn’t deserve:

4.In fourth place, Priyanka Chopra:

3.In third place, yes. It's Tom Holland with puppies, "Part 1":

2.According to the rules of the universe, Simu Liu and his puppies come in at second place:

1.And in first place: Keanu Reeves plays with puppies!

What do you think? Did we miss any of your favorites?

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If you’re ready for more adorable puppy love, watch Puppy Love now for free on Freevee! Check out the trailer here: