Ramrod 'Golden Felise' has inspired Dolphins winging it

The ancient Greeks had the myth of the 'Golden Fleece'.

The modern Dolphins have the reality of the 'Golden Felise'.

Dolphins back-rower Felise Kaufusi is creating a legend of his own at the new NRL club after two match-winning, powerhouse defensive displays for the ages against Canberra and the Sydney Roosters that sparkled with golden moments.

The 30-year-old now has the Knights in his sights on Friday night in Newcastle.

His bellringing tackles on the Raiders' Hudson Young and Roosters duo Brandon Smith and Egan Butcher changed the momentum of both games and struck fear into the hearts of his opponents, as Dolphins centre Brenko Lee can attest.

Lee defends on the same right-side defensive edge as his former Melbourne teammate.

"I feel like he has always been a tough defender but he has made our right edge easier to defend because no-one wants to run there anymore," Lee grinned.

"He is flogging them in the first few minutes and that sets the tone. It has been unreal.

"I have never really seen that (beastly) side of him, but I like that side. Thank God I am playing on his edge and not against his edge. If he keeps doing that I am sure we will be fine."

In the ancient Greek story Jason and the Argonauts went in pursuit, successfully, of the golden fleece of a winged ram.

The good thing about 'Golden Felise' from a Dolphins point of view is that they don't have to chase him. He is right at home on the footy field and ramming his way through his opponents one by one.

His ferocious example is also giving his teammates wings.

"It actually is inspiring. He always does it at the right points of the game when we need something," Lee said.

"He came up with a big hit on Hudson (Young) and changed the momentum and he did that to Brandon Smith and that changed the momentum.

"One thing I noticed about Felise in my time at Melbourne is that he is a big moments player and can change a game with his defence, which not many people can do.

"Another thing about 'Fus' is that he is one of the nicest blokes you will ever meet ... but when he crosses that line he is someone that you probably don't want to be lippy to because he will get you."

The undefeated Dolphins will be without suspended hooker Jeremy Marshall-King against the Knights. His spot will be taken by the experienced Kodi Nikorima.

"I think he is going to be awesome there. We are going to miss Jeremy a lot but Kodi is like-for-like. He is electric and one of the smartest blokes I have seen on the footy field for a while," Lee said.