Raikkonen: "Probably not right" for F1 to go ahead

Andrew van Leeuwen

As concerns continue to mount over the virus, particularly since paddock members have been tested and put into self-isolation, the Alfa Romeo star has questioned whether the Australian Grand Prix should be taking place.

He says it's "probably not" the right call to be pressing on with the race, and claims it wouldn't be going ahead if the teams had the final say.

"It's nothing to do with us, that it's like this," Raikkonen said. "I don't know if it's the right thing that we are here. Probably not.

"But it's not up to us, it's not our decision. I think if it would be purely all the teams' decision we probably wouldn't be here."

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The Australian Grand Prix Corporation has instigated a number of risk-management procedures, including what is effectively a ban on autographs and selfies.

Raikkonen, one of the sport's most popular drivers, backed the move, explaining it was for the safety of the fans as much as the drivers.

"It's just a part of all this situation," he said. "I try to minimise the risk for everybody, it's not just for us but also for the fans.

"I heard there are some people getting ill in the paddock, nobody knows what the story is on that. It's not just for us, it's also for [the fans].

"We'll see how things work out."