'Aussies gone wild': Melbourne Cup carnage goes global

The 2017 Melbourne Cup has gone global for all the wrong reasons, with the world's media poking fun at the antics of drunken racegoers.

More than a fair share of punters were looking rather worse for wear as the racing wrapped up on Tuesday.

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When the drinks stopped flowing and winning tickets cashed in (or not), hordes of racegoers poured out of Flemington, leaving it in pretty rough shape.

A number were snapped in pretty compromising positions, with blokes wrestling and fighting, and ladies slumped over on the grass, as you can see in our gallery here:

As is tradition, the day after Melbourne Cup sees seedy spectators of the race that stops a nation shamed on social media and news websites.

It's usually confined to Australian sites, but the 2017 edition has gone global.

UK tabloid site The Sun ran the headline: 'Melbourne Cup sees boozed-up Aussies go wild as they pass out, wrestle and dance at notorious race day'.

They then went on to describe how a number of punters had disgraced themselves.

"Dozens of boozed-up racegoers were arrested by cops or hurled out by the embattled security staff as Aussies took a day off work to down champagne and brawl on the pristine grass," they wrote.

"Keen party-goers could barely stand to watch the entertainment as jockeys battled it out to secure the final spot.

"Well-dressed men and women were seen face down on the concrete, collapsed underneath hedges, asleep on the grass and tumbling over bins at the litter-strewn Flemington racecourse."

According to The Mirror, "The race that stops a nation lived up to its billing - both on and off the track."

Case in point. Image: Getty

"Champagne flowed freely throughout the day as punters gambled and gambolled around the 177 year-old racecourse - leaving some to depart more than a little worse for wear," they wrote.

"After a day of drunken debauchery, approximately 150 tonnes of rubbish were left behind for the clean up crew."

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US sports site Deadspin has described Tuesday's scenes as "the most wonderful time of the year, the designated and officially sanctioned horserace/alcohol drinking competition when thousands and thousands of Aussies dress up in their finest duds and get blitzed while intrepid photographers capture it all in order to delight of the rest of us."

Deadspin also wrote a story about the aftermath of the 2016 Melbourne Cup, describing it as 'decadent and depraved', and according to writer Bill Haisley: "The blokes and sheilas in attendance this time around had much to live up to."

"Whether they did or did not surpass their drunken countrymen in slouching, stumbling inebriation and ridiculous camera poses is up for you, the viewer, to decide.

"But I can report that, by crikey, these racegoers did their damnedest to compete."

Victoria Police said 17 arrests were made across the day for assault, offensive behaviour, being drunk in a public place, and other offences.

Michael Thorn, CEO of the Foundation of Alcohol Research and Education, described behaviour as “very disappointing”.

“It was meant to be about a horse race, not a drinking race,” he told The New Daily.

“Unfortunately we know that these big events see heavy drinking, which all too frequently leads to violence and injury … it’s an entirely predictable outcome.

“And this is bound to reoccur unless action is taken.”

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