A woman who was filmed allegedly punching other racegoers at the Melbourne Cup says she was drugged, not drunk.

The woman in the blue dress was shown stumbling around before hitting a couple of patrons and then being held down by security.

News Limited reports she wrote from her YouTube account: "I was drugged. End of story. You people need lives" and "Give me a break. Totally unfair!"

"I'm ashamed. And was drugged!! This is out of character and at this point, it's a police matter. Thank you for all the comments. Articulate people when your sober abusing someone you have no clue what happened to. Nothing is ever as it seems," she also posted.

She was commenting on a video that became a viral sensation just a day after press in the UK slammed Australian behaviour at the races.

Racegoers were pictured in various states of drunkenness, with Britain's Daily Mail claiming it was worse than Ascot.

Over 106,000 people packed into Flemington for the biggest race day on the Australian calendar.

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