'I'm ashamed': Racing presenter suffers awkward on-air moment

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

Beware the dangers of live television - there are pranksters at every turn.

This was a lesson a presenter on an Irish racing broadcaster unfortunately learned the hard way - although she took the joke in great spirits.

After a viewer contacted the show to ask about the prospects of a horse in an upcoming race, but there was a catch - the horse didn’t exist.

When the presenter sought to give the viewer the odds for ‘Norfolk-in-Chance’, she quickly realised she’d been had.

An Irish presenter for Racing TV was caught out by a caller asking for the odds on fictitious horse 'Norfolk-In-Chance'. Picture: Twitter

We’ll let you figure out what the name of the horse sounds like when you say it out loud.

Luckily, she saw the funny side and was able to take the gag in stride.

“I'm reading this out because we are going to Kempton, what does the team make of the chance of Norfolk-In-Chance in the 6.40 tonight? Where is Norfolk-In-Chance?” she asked, before coming to a realisation.

“Haddaf the 4/1 favourite. I've been absolutely done up here.

“That is so bad, I'm ashamed of myself.”

There’s never harm in a childish prank, especially when everyone gets a laugh out of it. Kudos to the presenter for taking it in stride - it happens to the best of us.