Rachel McAdams looks *so* different without her signature blonde hair

rachel mcadams dark brunette hair colour
Rachel McAdams looks so different with dark hairDimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

Picture Rachel McAdams – in fact, Google Rachel McAdams – and you will be inundated with pictures of the blonde bombshell as we all know (and love) her. Now, erase said picture/s from memory because she no longer exists; No, Rachel hasn't gone MIA along with Kate Middleton, but instead, she debuted a brand new (and very polarising, may I add) darker hair colour that has her almost unrecognisable. New szn, new me, 'n' all.

Earlier this week, the actor stepped out in New York City at the opening night of An Enemy Of The People, a brand new show on Broadway. And providing nothing short of a red carpet extravaganza, Rachel showed off her freshly dyed brunette locks. Yes, that's right, her trademark Regina George blonde hair colour is nowhere to be seen.

rachel mcadams dark brunette hair colour
Marleen Moise - Getty Images

Darker for spring? Ground-breaking... no, really. After all, the status quo is to opt for a lighter hue for the sunnier climes – but hey, non-existent rules are s'ppose to be broken, right?

Having said that, I guess old habits do, in fact, die hard because while the colour is worlds apart from everything we knew Rachel to be, her parting has settled on residency over on the left side of her head... Aka, the star is still repping the classic deep Millennial side parting and TBH, we ain't too mad about it. I mean, there's no denying that she looks as glam as ever!

rachel mcadams dark brunette hair colour
Bruce Glikas

Plus, her mid-length tresses have been styled in bouncy-tonged curls, making for a reflective, glass-like finish. Sleek and shiny, *chef's kiss*.

Is there any hair colour or style she cannot pull off? Spoiler: The answer is no.

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