Raccoon rescued after private parts freeze to railway line in -12C Georgia

A male raccoon was rescued after its private parts became frozen to a railway track in southern America.

A railway worker was braving -12C conditions in Cochran, Georgia, when he and a colleague came across the distressed animal on the line. It was seen straddling the rail with its testicles stuck to the metal.

Neil Mullis used warm water and a shovel to dislodge the raccoon in a process that took five minutes – after which the animal ran free.

He told local media: “I poured the warm water under his bottom while a co-worker worked the shovel under his butt to try and break him loose.

“After about five minutes of slowly working him loose, he was free. He jumped off the rail and ran in the woods, never looking back.”

It is understood the rescue happened overnight when there was not a threat of a train coming along the line.

Mr Mullis filmed parts of the creature’s predicament, which was unusual – even in the southern US where raccoons are more commonly found. The animals often roam alone and have dense fur to protect them from the cold, although they do prefer more temperate climates.

Thirty-five-year-old Mr Mullis was at a loss to explain how the raccoon got into the predicament, suggesting the animal “sat too long and got stuck”.

In a second video, filmed after the hot water treatment, he added: “Operation well performed! Little fella's safe.”