Put empty egg cartons to use with these helpful hacks

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Instead of tossing those empty egg cartons in the garbage or recycling bin, give them a new lease on life by using them for arts and crafts, storage, and much more, using these simple DIY hacks that both kids and adults can take part in and enjoy!

For these projects, you will need:

  • Empty egg cartons

Egg Carton Hack 1: Use It As A Paint Palette

Use an egg carton to make your own DIY paint palette. Simply fill each compartment with a different color of paint, then grab a paintbrush and paper, and you’re ready to go!

Egg Carton Hack 2: Use It To Organize Small Tools & Hardware

Use an egg carton to store those small, pesky hardware pieces. First, sort the parts by grouping the same objects together. Then, place each group of items into the compartments before storing the egg carton in a drawer for easy access.

Egg Carton Hack 3: Use It As A Thread Holder

Keep your sewing station in order and prevent annoying thread tangles with an egg carton. Carve an “X” into the top of the egg carton using an X-Acto knife. Place a spool in the compartment, then thread the string through the opening and tie a knot to secure it. Repeat this process using different color thread for each compartment.

Egg Carton Hack 4: Use It To Plant Seeds
Grow a mini garden inside an egg carton. First, fill each compartment with soil, then plant seeds and water. Place the egg carton into a plastic bread bag so the seeds can germinate. Once you start to see some growth, set the egg carton by a sunny window and water when necessary.

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