'I bet with my heart': Punter's insane payday on Stanley Cup Final

Scott Berry won $US100,000 after betting on St Louis to win the Stanley Cup. (Images: @WillUjek/darrenrovell)

The St Louis Blues have surprised the world after coming from last position in the NHL at the beginning of the year to win the city’s first Stanley Cup, but one game punter appeared to see it coming.

Blues fan Scott Berry placed $AUD570 on his team at 250-1 odds to win the Stanley Cup in January when they were coming last.

The bet seemed ludicrous at the time, but the Blues then went on a run to win 30 of their final 49 games of the regular-season before surging through the finals.

And on Wednesday, St Louis defeated the Boston Bruins 4-1 in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final to secure their first NHL championship.

The victory meant Berry turned $570 into $145,000.

“I bet with my heart, not my mind,” he said following the game.

“I’m kind of speechless at this point, I am going to go celebrate.”

Berry was reportedly offered $75,000 to sell his ticket, but kept faith the Blues would win Game 7.