Prince William's Comments About Kate Middleton's Artistic Skills Are Going Viral After That Photoshop Debacle

Well, well, well, here we are still talking about Kate Middleton because we still don't know jack shit about where the Princess of Wales has been.

Meanwhile, Prince William is continuing to do his dipty-do pip-pip "royal" duties, or whatever it is that he does.

Close-up of Prince William smiling in a suit at a public event
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He was decorating cookies at some youth center, looking as joyful as can be, yesterday.

Prince William laughing with children during a cooking class
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Not a care in the world, even though half the world is talking about his "missing" wife!

Prince William smiling in conversation with a woman
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Well, someone apparently commented on his artistic skills, to which he responded, "My wife is the arty one. My children are artier than I am."

Prince William, apron-clad, cooks with a young boy in a kitchen setting
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Oh, Kate is the "arty" one?

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If you remember, Kate's response to the photoshop controversy was, "Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing."

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Either way, this whole thing continues to be the weirdest.

William smiling and raising his arms in a cheer among a group of people
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At least Will is out and about having fun!

William playing pool, focusing on cueing the white ball
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Until then, the mystery continues.

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