Prince William took a glamorous photo with this surprising A-lister at the Earthshot Awards and we can't get over the level of prestige in the image

 Prince William Cate Blanchett Earthshot.
Prince William Cate Blanchett Earthshot.

Prince William took a truly iconic photo with none other than Cate Blanchett at the Earthshot Prize ceremony in Singapore, and we can't get over how regal they both look standing next to one another. 

The past few days, Prince William has been in Singapore for the annual Earthshot Prize Awards, which took place on November 7th. Although the Princess of Wales would usually be on his arm for an occasion such as this, as she attended the past two years with him, she stayed back this year to help Prince George prepare for exams.

Nevertheless, the future King travelled across the world to celebrate the Earthshot Prizes being given out to individuals and companies working to provide innovative solutions for climate and environmental issues.

A host of big names attended the ceremony, including none other than one of our favourite actresses, Cate Blanchett - who simply looked dazzling as her and the Prince of Wales took a very glamorous photo together on the red carpet.

Prince William Cate Blanchett Earthshot
Prince William Cate Blanchett Earthshot

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For the event, Cate wore a stunning ensemble of a metallic three-piece pantsuit, which was complete with a stunning pair of wide leg trousers, which had a matching oversized blazer and a small tailored vest underneath for ultimate power suit vibes. Yet, even with this more masculine tailoring and styling in place, she still looked incredibly elegant and graceful, letting her perfectly toned blonde hair sweep effortlessly to the side as she kept her makeup quite minimal.

Prince William Cate Blanchett Earthshot
Prince William Cate Blanchett Earthshot

Prince William, on the other hand, wore a rather dapper tuxedo, which he completed with a classic black bow tie and a red poppy pin to show his support for veterans during the month of November.

In the past, Cate has been very vocal about her support of the Earthshot Prize and all the organisation does, so it's no shock she attended the sophisticated and celebratory event.

Just recently, upon receiving the honour of being able to hand out some of the prizes for the evening, the Oscar winning star of Tar said, "The climate solutions showcased by the prize are wildly exciting – exciting because they are so simple, so possible, and so inevitable."

She added, "The solutions are game-changing, and like all truly game-changing ideas, they have a strange ‘how could we not have thought and implemented this before?!’ quality. I am proud to be a small part of unveiling the winners."

As for other A-listers who stepped out for the event, Hannah Waddingham of Ted Lasso stepped up as host for the evening, helping to spotlight some of the newest innovative ideas to help save the planet.