The Pricey Olive Oil Brand Alton Brown Prefers To Use

Alton Brown
Alton Brown - Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images

At first glance, it's easy to generalize olive oils, since they retain more similarities than differences. But individual olive oils — and olive oil brands — range in style and flavor. It's this latter reason that distinguishes celebrity chef Alton Brown's favorite olive oil from Georgia Olive Farms. "I'm crazy about Georgia Olive Farms olive oil because it's green, bright, fruity, and from my home state," he said (via Food Network).

As Brown himself is from Georgia, it's no surprise that Georgia Olive Farms oil is his favorite. In 2009, the company began production in Georgia and it currently sells two varieties of olive oil, according to the company website. These include the Chef's Blend extra virgin olive oil and the Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, which has a mild and light flavor. These oils don't come as cheap as your standard grocery store bottle; a 500 milliliter bottle of the Chef's Blend costs $38, while a two-pack of 250 milliliter bottles of Arbequina goes for $43. But don't be quick to dismiss more costly olive oils in favor of less expensive options; there are a few reasons why the good stuff tends to be the best bet.

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The Peach State Embraces Yet Another Fruit Of The Utmost Quality

Bowl of olive oil
Bowl of olive oil - Fcafotodigital/Getty Images

Georgia may be all about its peaches, but when it comes to olive oil production, the state doesn't mess around. At any grocery store, you can pick up a bottle of decent olive oil for under or around $10. Yet while Georgia Farms ups the price tag, splurging on top tier olive oil is likely something you won't regret. At the most basic explanation, a good olive oil can work wonders in your food. Extra virgin olive oils tend to be high quality already, and that level of quality, not to mention freshness, improves upon the dishes you use it in.

As Brown put it, Georgia Olive Farms oil has fruity and bright flavors. So, if that appeals to you, add it to your shopping list. Brown's favorite store-bought essentials already include everything from King Arthur Baking Company flour to canned sardines in oil. With George Olive Farms olive oil as an addendum, you'll up the quality of your cooking and you'll definitely taste the difference.

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