Wild scenes during gender reveal party

gender reveal party
Guests appeared horrified when a Sydney baby shower was interrupted by police officers. Picture: TikTok

Guests at a Sydney baby gender reveal were shocked when two men pretending to be police officers arrived at a party and pretended to arrest the dad-to-be.

A video shared on TikTok shows the two fake police confronting the dad-to-be Mina Ibrahim at a home in what is soon revealed to be a silly gag.

Faking distress, Mr Ibrahim says to the authorities: “You can’t just walk into our house” and tells his guests to start recording the altercation on their phones.

gender reveal party
Guests were shocked when police appeared at the gender reveal. Picture: TikTok

Thing begin to escalate when Mr Ibrahim pushes one of the men before they appear to arrest him with handcuffs. At this point the guests appear to be shocked, with the mum also attempting to intervene.

It’s then that one of the officers reveals the prank.

“Congratulations it’s a baby girl,” he says, as guests cheer and clap.

“It was the cops who announced to everyone that I was having a baby girl, and there was a fake balloon inside where everyone thought the reveal was coming from,” Mr Ibrahim explained.

gender reveal party
The fake police appeared to arrest the dad-to-be. Picture: TikTok

In the comments on the TikTok video, users said they had been fooled by the prank.

“Omygosh! I was ready to sue them coppas with you! but congratsss! what a way to reveal!” one user wrote.

“I fell for it and I was worried for your wife !!! I was freaking out hahahah you got me,” shared another.

The video has gone viral since it was shared on Sunday, accumulating nearly 4000 views in about 12 hours.

gender reveal party
One of the men then revealed the couple were having a girl. Picture: TikTok

Gender reveal parties have been criticised for the their elaborate set-ups, with sometimes disastrous consequences – including a Californian couple whose celebrations sparked a wildfire in 2021.

A smoke machine tragically ignited on the nearby dry grass, with the blaze killing a firefighter. The couple were charged with involuntary manslaughter as a result.

It’s believed gender reveals were started by Los Angeles writer Jenna Karvunidis, who made a viral blog post when she found out the sex of her unborn daughter by cutting into a pink cake.

In 2020, she told The Guardian that she regretted the decision and said it enforced gender stereotypes.

“The problem is they overemphasise one aspect of a person,” Karvunidis said.

“I had two more kids after Bianca, but I never had another gender reveal party.”