Help, My Eyes Are Literally Burning After Seeing These 35 Extremely Dumb Things People Actually Posted On The Internet Last Month

1.On math:

"When I was 2 my sister was twice my age; now I'm 40, how old is my sister" with response: "Twice 2 is 4, so add 4 yrs to her current age; school system failed some"

2.On dairy:

"Milk is considered dairy in at least 6 countries I have lived in."

3.On paint:

"I been telling my customers this for years"

4.On continents:

"dude, Asia and Europe are not continenets"

5.On the animal kingdom:

Person says "Fun fact: we are animals," and person answers: "fun fact: we actually aren't animals, we are mammals; most animals are mammals too; we may be similar, but no — stop being a brickhead and think before you comment"

6.On fish:

"Name a fish that does not have the letter 'A' in it," and person responds "Dolphin"

7.On germs:

Person says germs may be black magic because "no one has ever directly observed one"; when person says they've seen bacteria, viruses, and parasites from years in a microbiology lab, person asks if they've seen one without a "microscope"

8.On vanilla ice cream:

Person posts photo of vanilla ice cream with tiny specks and says, "Bought this ice cream last week; notice all the black flecks? I didn't notice till I had a few mouthfuls and thought it was gritty; anyone else had this problem or know what it could be?"

9.On mirrors:

"Always smoking mirrors when people don't get it the way they want it."

10.On cells:

"Are you really suggesting that they are not?"

11.On Germany:

"BMW is a German-owned company"; "nope it's European"

12.On the miracle of life:

"Doctor: 'Congrats you're having a boy and a girl'"; comment: "This will never happen, twins can only be the same"; "you can have a boy and a girl"; "different gender twins happen all the time"

13.On outside:

Re: photo, someone asks, "How did you add the clouds background?" Response: "That's the sky, we were outside"

14.On gravity:

"If gravity is not strong enough to stop a small stream from flowing to its lowest point, then what is stopping the oceans north of the equator from emptying into oceans south of the equator? Gravity is pseudo science"

15.On language:

"I'm American and here in the state miss we say whala; voila is an instrument miss know everything and don't know shit"

16.On cheese:

Photo of cheese slicer cutting Swiss cheese, with caption: "Cutting cheese with a knife? Barbarians? We in Scandinavia use this tool"; "That's why your a country not a nation"

17.On housing prices:

"300,000 for that house is straight up money laundry"

18.On the human body:

"If you were revamping the human body and were to give boobs an actual useful function instead of just sex appeal, what would you have them do?" "I don't know, maybe something crazy like feeding our babies?"

19.On recipe ingredients:

Person substitutes shredded kale for carrots in a recipe because carrots have way too much sugar, then wonders why the cake turned out nasty and also dry
Betty Crocker

20.On birthdays:

"how can you turn 0 years old"

21.On Greeks:


22.On prunes:

"a prune is a dried plum"

23.On Georgia:

"They found a humanoid tooth in Georgia (country not the state) that's 1.8 million years old," response: "Georgia is a state not a country (United States is a country)"

24.On surprises:

"now olive the sudden there is a CATEGORY 4 HURRICANE."

25.On dimensions:

"It's from the wall to almost the door"

26.On gravity:

"Globers be like gravity"

27.On Africa:

"Lmfao bro said South Africa... that ain't a country that's a direction"

28.On the 50 states:

"Have you been to the USA before?"

29.On weapons:

"These are real numb trucks."

30.On the Earth's age:

"Then why are we in years 2023?"

31.On cloud formations:

"The chemicals are so magnetic, they repel each other"

32.On Texas:

"Texas is like twice the size of Europe alone."

33.On 5G:


34.On flossing:

"Flossing Pushes Bad Bacteria back into the Bloodstream"

35.And on cheese:

"Technically any mold that grows is just bonus bleu cheese."