Prada’s global creative makeup artist Lynsey Alexander reveals 5 beauty rules to live by


The carefully edited collection consists of six ‘Dimensions’ eyeshadow palettes inspired by Prada prints and pigments of yore, 26 ‘Monochrome’ lipsticks (in Hyper Matte and Soft Matte textures informed by the signature shine-free mouths showcased on Prada runways since the brand’s first ready-to-wear show in 1988), and 33 AI-driven shades of ‘Reveal’ foundation promising your-skin-but-better, alongside 10 beautiful brushes and three ‘Augmented Skin’ skincare products; a cleanser, serum and cream.

Global creative make-up artist for Prada Beauty, the esteemed face painter Lynsey Alexander led the team and was given the enviable task of delving into the brand’s vast archive of 27,000 textiles, working closely with Ms Prada herself to create a line that subscribed to the brand ethos of radical elegance, intellectual purity and creative experimentation. ‘I basically turned my house into a sort of Prada catalogue,’ Alexander told WWD.

Both Prada long-timers and those new to the brand will appreciate the scrupulous attention to detail that we have come to expect from Prada across all of its franchises from fashion to fine jewellery and fragrance. In this instance sophisticated, high-performance and durable but beautifully comfortable formulas, thrillingly vital pigments, refined modern textures and skincare flawlessly scented with delicate iris and heliotrope vanilla by master perfumer Daniela Andrier, the nose behind the cult ‘Les Infusions de Prada,’ fragrance line.

Neither does the design disappoint; avant-garde, minimal, unmistakably Prada chrome palettes irresistibly stamped with the brand’s cult triangle, signature pistachio-green lid interiors and lipstick bullets in embossed Saffiano leather and Re-Nylon finishes.

We’re more than a little in love…

Here Alexander shares her five beauty rules to live by:


‘I love to double up on the products I use — less is more! For example, a nude brown lipstick works perfectly to contour the face, and our Soft Matte lipsticks make the most beautiful cheek colours. Take a blending brush and buff the product into the skin to turn it into a soft and seamless contour or colour wash.’


‘I like make-up looks that are quick and easy. Often the less time you spend on something the cooler and more minimal it looks. My favourite products in our new collection (aside from the Hyper Matte red lipsticks), are the metallic eyeshadows. I love to wet a shadow brush to turn powder shadows into molten metal formulas that can be worn across the eyelids. They pack the shiniest, show-stopper of a punch with minimum effort.’


‘I have two foundations that I mix and go between from season to season. It’s rare that skin is one colour all year round, so this means that you always have the right tone. I know purchasing two can feel like a lot, but remember that they will last twice as long!


(But always leave room for playfulness) ‘I am a loyal red lip wearer (matte of course), but now and again I experiment by pairing it with a flash of metallic shine across my eyelids, or use the same lipstick worn as a high blush or soft eyeshadow to create a disco vibe a la Jerry Hall in the Seventies.


‘Help your skin out by really scrubbing off dirt, pollution and make-up at the end of a day. To my mind the way to do this best is by using a cleanser followed by an essence or a toner. Your complexion will thank you for it.”

Prada Beauty is available at Harrods.