Poker player stuns with 'one of the greatest moves of all time'

Ian Steinman has sent fans and commentators into a frenzy with an 'unbelievable' move at the World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder Main Event.

Playing on the final table at the WPT event on Thursday, Steinman was holding pocket Kings and looked to be in a commanding position when a third King came out in the flop.

Holding three Kings, 99.9 percent of poker players would call, but not Steinman.

The American somehow knew his opponent was holding a better hand, and made the unbelievable decision to fold.

How did Steinman know? Image: WPT

Joe McKeehen was sitting on a 10-jack-queen-king-ace straight - a superior hand to Steinman - prompting McKeehan to push all his chips into the middle.

“That is unbelievable,” one commentator said.

“Devastating card for Ian...It runs out perfectly for Joe and sets a huge trap for Ian.

"That is the worst card in the deck for him.”

McKeehan couldn't believe it. Image: WPT

The pot was worth 1.41 million as Steinman agonised over the decision whether to call or fold, but he ultimately made the correct one, stunning commentators.

Only two hands could beat Steinman, one of which McKeehan was holding.

But Steinman's gut feeling that he was walking into a trap left everyone watching on in awe.

“This is unreal that he considered getting away from this,” one commentator said.

David Larson went on to win the event, while Steinman was second and McKeehen third.