Players need to look at themselves after 'unacceptable' loss - Newell

Joe Newell had strong words on the Hibs' players and their performance in the 3-0 loss to St Mirren, admitting it was "totally unacceptable" from the side.

"We had a little bit of a go second half, and showed a bit more fight but just totally unacceptable, we're going to have a serious chat and look at ourselves because it's just miles away from what we expect," he told Hibs club media after the game.

"We know they're a good side. If you don't fight and you don't work, and it's embarrassing to say that because it should be a given, but today that's what we lacked completely. It's hard for me to say that because it should be a given.

"We can have a style and philosophy and stuff like that, but if you don't work hard and don't want to tackle and have that fight and desire then you've got no chance, especially against good, organised sides. Initially, that's what I think, at the minute.

"Everyone has to look at themselves individually, what you did wrong, where you can improve. We'll have a good debrief. Everyone needs to take responsibility, it's on us as players, the first half was totally unacceptable from all of us.

"Everyone needs to go home and question what they could have done better, and have that mentality to go again because Wednesday is huge. It's a massive stage oif the season coming up, we know where we want to get to, our vision is clear in terms of our goals for the end of the season and we've got a real fight on our hands.

"It's time to stand up and be counted."