Plans for US to have its own Lord's or MCG

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Cricket authorities in the United States have unveiled plans to develop a dedicated, world-class stadium for the sport, creating its own answer to MCG or Lord's deep in the heart of Texas.

The AirHogs Stadium in Grand Prairie, a city between Dallas and Fort Worth, will be transformed into an 8,000-capacity venue capable of hosting international fixtures and being the home of US cricket.

The project is being led by Major League Cricket - a new franchise-based T20 tournament due to launch in 2022 that could feature high-profile players - in collaboration with national governing body USA Cricket.

It will be the first dedicated cricket venue in the USA. Formerly home to a minor league baseball team, it will play host to the new Texas franchise in MLC and become the home or the national men's and women's sides.

The United States is a growing cricketing market with more than 150,000 regular players across the country and four million regular viewers of the sport on TV.

Significant progress has been made since USA Cricket was founded and took over as governing body three years ago. The men's national side gained one-day international status in 2019 and USA Cricket hopes to become a full International Cricket Council member by 2030.

Sameer Mehta and Vijay Srinivasan, co-founders of MLC, said in a statement: "As the first Major League Cricket stadium in the United States, Grand Prairie represents a seminal moment for the sport in America."