Planes, trains and motorhomes - here's how you're getting to Germany

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With the Euros opener against Germany just four days away, here's how some of the Tartan Army are making the trip:

Eric: Flying in from Portland, Oregon. Meeting five old pals from Dumbarton in a rented van that's just gone overnight in a ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam then a quick drive to Munich.

Anonymous: Traveling from Wellington, New Zealand Leave on Wednesday night and will fly via Singapore to Frankfurt. Close to 30 hours of travel. Hopefully have a bit of a sleep then train to Munich the morning of the game.

Selbs: Germany from Australia! A 12 hour bus journey to Adelaide airport, then Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul and eventually Dusseldorf.

Allyson: Flying from New York via Dublin to Munich, then using trains to move about Germany. When Kenny McLean scored in Norway I said "let's go" and splurged on package.

David: Travelling from Perth Australia on Tuesday to Munich for my first major tournament. I am 69 so it's never too late. 17 hour flight but once I arrive be all worth it.

Peter: Set off on 3 June in a motorhome. I have spent last few days in northern France and I'm just about to cross the border and stay tonight in Freiburg then onto Munich where apparently there's a game on Friday!

Gordon: Melbourne to Saigon to Frankfurt to Munich - and on the way back going via Helsinki. Going to be the first time aged 44 that I see Scotland in a major tournament. Been regretting not going to France for 26 years!