'He was my life': Wife's devastating tribute to legendary bodybuilder

Pit Trenz's wife Sarah was with her husband through the good times and the bad. Pic: Instagram

The wife of legendary German bodybuilder, Pit Trenz, says she is struggling to cope with the death of the 53-year-old.

Trenz represented Germany as a professional bodybuilder but had been battling health problems for several months.

His wife Sarah - who is also a bodybuilder - said she doesn't know "how her life can go on" without her husband.

She paid a heartbreaking tribute to the German legend on her Instagram page.

Trenz had been in hospital battling a heart condition when it's understood he encountered complications.

The bodybuilder was transferred to another hospital in Germany where it was discovered he was also battling pneumonia.

His death is reportedly due to organ failure, believed to be a result from his body rejecting the medicine he was being treated with.

Pit Trenz represented Germany over a long professional bodybuilding career. Pic: Instagram

Just in the last fortnight, the bodybuilder updated fans about his condition, admitting he couldn't see "an end in sight" to his treatment.

“Still alive. Not much news.

“After three weeks of intensive care there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

“No day is predictable. Every two days a new problem appears.”

“Thank you for keeping your fingers crossed. I can not answer everything right now, but we appreciate your concern.

“We fight! Never ever give up.”

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