Pipe Masters delayed for better conditions

Pamela Whaley
·1-min read

Australian tour rookie Jack Robinson will have to wait for his clash with surfing legend Kelly Slater after the WSL announced two consecutive lay days.

Unfavourable conditions in Hawaii forced competition organisers to put the event on hold until Sunday, hoping for better swell for finals day of the event.

"There's a decreasing swell and increasingly unfavourable conditions with winds out of the northeast," said Marty Thomas, WSL Hawaii Competition Director.

"Conditions will deteriorate throughout the day and into tomorrow, but we have a new swell looking good for Sunday, so the finals day will likely be on Sunday, December 20."

Robinson will be first up at Banzai Pipeline against 11-time world champion Slater when the event resumes.

Fellow Australians Jack Freestone and Ryan Callinan also made the final 16 and will have marquee match ups against Brazilians Gabriel Medina and Italo Ferreira.