In Pictures: Morocco earthquake hits historic Marrakesh

A devastating earthquake in southern Morocco, which has killed thousands of people, has also destroyed large areas of the historic centre of Marrakesh. Many residents and tourists were forced to spend the night outside, over fears of an aftershock worsening the situation in the city.

A woman surveys the damage to a building in Marrakesh, reduced almost entirely to rubble
A woman surveys the damage to a building in Marrakesh, after the powerful earthquake struck overnight on Friday
A destroyed truck after bricks and other rubble has fallen on top of it
Debris fell from buildings in the historic city, trapping many people and destroying vehicles
Part of the roof of a historic mosque collapsed in Marrakesh's old city
Damage to buildings such as this mosque became clear after sunrise on Saturday
Man stands next to rubble of a former building in the old city
Many buildings have collapsed, leaving residents to survey the damage
A damaged house in Marrakesh's old city
The epicentre of the 6.8 magnitude earthquake was in the Atlas Mountains - less than 50 miles from the city
Two women donating blood in a local hospital
People in Marrakesh have been donating blood to help the hundreds injured by the tremors
People sleeping on the streets in central Marrakesh
Many residents of the city spent the night outside of their homes amid fears of an aftershock
People sleeping outside near a hotel swimming pool in Marrakesh
Dozens of people slept near a hotel swimming pool in the city - a popular tourist destination

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