Physiotherapy association lauds MFL's new stipulation

Earlier this month, MFL announced several new requirements, one of them being that clubs can only hire registered physiotherapists.

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Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA) president Dr Mohd Hadzir Abd Manaf has applauded the decision by Malaysian Football League (MFL) to require clubs to hire only physiotherapists who are registered with the association, beginning next season.

Earlier this month, MFL announced several new requirements, one of them being the abovementioned stipulation.

"It's a good step because we would like the profession to be acknowledged, and to ensure that only those who are qualified are emplyoyed in the field. To register with MPA, they need to submit their application as well as academic transcripts such as a diploma or bachelor's degree, and we will assess the application.

"We have yet to receive any complaints regarding the quality of treatment from the clubs, only that we've observed certain players receiving acupuncture treatment from non-registered physiotherapists. 

"Most physiotherapists of overseas origin are given a temporary registration status depending on the length of their Malaysian contract, and they will need to renew it annually," he remarked.

According to Hadzir, the stringent requirement is needed in order to protect the profession itself from substandard practitioners.

"We want to avoid being taken advantage of," he said. "When a club hire someone unqualified as physiotherapist, it will bring MPA into disrepute.

"Admittedly there have been clubs who resorted to hiring non-qualified practitioners due to their low salary demand, after all qualified physiotherapists are quiet highly-paid because of their expertise and their academic certification, at least at the diploma level." 

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