Philip Rivers' failed tackle attempt might rival Daniel Jones' stumble for worst 2020 QB play

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor lost a fumble late in the first quarter on Sunday, setting off an unfortunate series of events for more than one member of the team.

Bad for Taylor because the Baltimore RavensChuck Clark recovered it and ran it back for a 65-yard TD.

And bad for Colts QB Philip Rivers, who tried to tackle Clark. Make sure to air-quote “tackle” when you talk about this one later.

The immediate onset of panic while Rivers is backpedalling sets the mood for the events to unfold.

What makes it that much more special — perhaps even more so than Daniel Jones’ incredible Thursday night stumble a few weeks ago — is that Clark runs right over the top of Rivers.

Rivers flailing his arms in vain, while Clark flies over the top of him, puts a cherry on top of this sundae of a play.

You might not be surprised to learn that Rivers has never been credited with a tackle in his career. Not in 235 regular-season games coming in. Not in 11 postseason games. And no, none on Sunday yet either.

Philip Rivers holds out his hands in disbelief at a non-call during the game.
Indianapolis quarterback Philip Rivers mights not be the Colts' best option at tackle. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

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