Pet owner threatens to build privacy fence when neighbor says dog is ‘too skinny and looks abused’

A dog owner threatened to build a privacy fence along their yard to prevent their neighbor from feeding their dog treats.

They posted about the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. The dog owner was inspecting a house they recently closed on and let their dog roam the backyard.

They then noticed two neighbors feeding their dogs treats. The dog owner asked them to stop feeding the dog. The dog had recently been “poisoned by a lunatic” that targeted dogs in their old neighborhood. That meant it needed a special diet for its organs to recover.

One of the neighbors, a senior man, agreed. But the other neighbor, a senior woman, became hostile. She went on a “tirade” about how the dog owner shouldn’t move to a neighborhood with dog lovers if they “don’t want my dog to be loved by them.”

She called the dog owner “rude” and said the dog was “too skinny and looks abused.” But the dog appeared that way because it had been poisoned.

“This sent me over the top and I yelled that I was going to build a privacy fence along our property lines so that she could never interact with my dogs or family again,” the Reddit poster explained.

Redditors thought the neighbor should have respected the dog owner’s wishes.

“If she won’t listen to your rules regarding the animal(s) for which you are responsible, you need to keep her away from them,” someone wrote.

“It’s YOUR dog. YOU get to decide who gives him treats and when,” a person said.

“If she really loved dogs she would listen to the owner about what he can and can’t eat,” another added.

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