'The perfect away trip'

When You're Smiling podcast image
When You're Smiling podcast image

Former Leicester City defender Liam Moore has been discussing the Foxes' post-match celebrations after their 5-0 win against Stoke City on the When You're Smiling podcast: "Honestly it's absolutely amazing. It's giving me goosebumps actually, being here and looking at it. I hope the players down there are really taking it in and enjoying it.

"Football is a really difficult game. You'll go through spells where you don't win, obviously last season was really difficult. But when you've got a few thousand fans who travel, pay their money to watch you play and stay long past the end of the game, you've really got to take that in."

Moore on the overall performance: "It was a joy to watch, to be honest with you. In my mind, driving here, I had a bit of a picture of how I thought the game would go, but obviously you can't predict five goals.

"Leicester played a few more longer balls than normal in the first half, they didn't always go perfectly to plan but they were on to second balls really well. It was obviously something that had been spoken about because they were connected and they knew that if it went long, they would win the second [ball].

"Enzo [Maresca] made some really good substitutions. I think the manager is going to be most pleased with that because, when you don't start a player, you want to see their reaction.

"The substitutes all came on and did a brilliant job. Vards [Jamie Vardy] with two great goals and James Justin's cross for Vards' goal was really impressive.

"All in all, it has to go down as a perfect away trip."

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