Percy Jackson and the Olympians Finale: Young Demigod Sasses His Family, and a Prophecy Comes True

The following contains major spoilers from Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Season 1 finale on Tuesday. Proceed accordingly.

After fighting for his life in the underworld, striking a deal with Hades (played by Jay Duplass) to return his mom Sally (Virginia Kull), defeating his warrior cousin Ares (Adam Copeland) and then nearly being smote by his all-powerful uncle Zeus (Lance Reddick), Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ titular hero finally got to meet his dad, and it was a moment.

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In the hit Disney+ show’s Season 1 finale on Tuesday, Percy returned the master lightning bolt to Zeus on Olympus and rightfully called out his family for their messy infighting. The young demigod also warned that more relatives would betray the god of the sky like Ares when Kronos — who Zeus had banished to Tartarus, the lowest depths of the underworld — returned.

Percy would know of Kronos’ lingering presence considering the Titan god was the mysterious voice that had been calling to him in his dreams throughout the season.

Percy’s warnings about Kronos sent Zeus into a vengeful rage, and the mighty god raised his hand, ready to strike a fatal blow with the master bolt, when Poseidon (Toby Stephens) finally intervened. The sea god physically blocked Zeus from harming his son and immediately offered his surrender in a rare show of vulnerability. But when Poseidon turned to face his offspring, he put up a brave face.

“This is the first time he’s met [Percy] in person, and it’s just that fascination and pride in this person who’s standing before him,” portrayer Toby Stephens tells TVLine, “but at the same time, not being able to really show that vulnerability to him.”

Father and son shared a cordial, almost affectionate conversation until Percy asked if Poseidon ever dreamt about Sally. The turmoil that flashed across the Greek god’s face suggested that he did, indeed, dream of her, but he quickly reeled in those emotions with the neutral suggestion that Percy return home.

“He still knows that there has to be a distance between them,” Stephens explains. “In a way, it’s to protect Percy… and, maybe it is to protect his own feelings because he doesn’t want to get too close to something that can be taken away. It’s complicated. What it can’t become is something that’s very sentimental. I think there always has to be something that is difficult about it.”

Percy made it back to Camp Half-Blood and realized that the prophecy stating he’d be betrayed by a friend applied to Hermes’ son Luke (Charlie Bushnell), who’d been working with Kronos and had conspired with Ares to frame Percy for the missing bolt. Luke escaped after a brief confrontation, and Percy packed up his things to return home and make sure that Hades held up his end of the deal.

Meanwhile, Annabeth shared that her family was headed to Disney World and Grover received his official authorization to look for Pan. The trio also made a pact that no matter what happened, they’d meet back at Camp Half-Blood next year.

When Percy walked through the doors of the cabin in Montauk and hugged his mom, however, he realized it was a dream and that he was again visited by Kronos. The shrouded figure teased a future meeting in Percy’s world if he could “survive what’s coming next,” which Percy took as a threat. But it was more of a warning.

“Your survival is the key to my return,” Kronos taunted.

And just like that, Percy woke safe and sound in his own bed, and with his mom right beside him.

This adventure may have reached its end, but it looks like Percy’s story is just beginning. That is, if the show gets renewed for Season 2.

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