22 Things People Tend To Hate When They're Kids But Can't Get Enough Of When They're Finally Adults

Remember things like nap time at school, having summers off from school, and all the other carefree things you didn't realize you'd miss when you were a kid?

Two kids screaming in bed in Diary of a Wimpy Kid
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Redditor u/gr82bAg8r recently asked "What really sucked as a kid, but is f--cking awesome as an adult?" and it had me thinking of all the things I really loved about my childhood. Here are some of the most memorable and relatable responses:

1."Water. As a kid, I hated drinking water. As an adult, I can't get enough."

Someone holding a reusable water bottle

2."Being at home."


3."Having absolutely nothing to do."

SpongeBob SquarePants looking bored

4."I remember as a kid always begging to go home after about 10 minutes of going over to my parents' friends' house because all they did was sit around, talk, and drink, and I thought they were the most boring people on Earth. Now, I go over to my friends' place just to sit around, talk, and drink, and it is a highlight of my week."


5."Socks for Christmas."

A variety of Christmas socks by a fireplace and decorated Christmas tree

6."Bath time. Man, I love me a good bath now."


7."A rainy Saturday spent at home."

Two kids looking out the window on a rainy day

8."I knew I was officially old the day I got a vacuum cleaner as a birthday present and was super stoked."


9."Spending time with parents."

A family wearing different colored tracksuits in Yes Day



11."Going to bed early."

A woman yawning in bed

12."Staying in on Friday night."


13."Grocery shopping. I can get whatever the hell I want."

People grocery shopping

14."Exercise. As a child, I HATED exercise, but as I've gotten older, working out, swimming, running, and biking are all incredible activities."


15."Veggies! Hated them as a kid, all of 'em. Now, I'll get disappointed if a meal doesn't have any."

Variety of veggies getting roasted on a pan with seasoning

16."Getting dressed up. As a kid, you have to wear the most uncomfortable clothes your parents picked out in itchy fabrics, with zippers, and tight dress shoes. As an adult, your nice clothes can be comfortable and (hopefully!) make you feel good instead of awkward."


17."School. When classes are a choice and not a requirement, they hit differently."

An empty classroom

18."Shopping for home goods."


19."Friends canceling plans."

A woman shrugging her shoulders

20."Family dinners. We rarely get together and eat as a family now that I'm an adult, so it's nice when we can all sit down together."


21."People thinking you are younger than you actually are."

Anthony Michael Hall in The Breakfast Club wearing sunglasses

22."Naps and staying in bed. As a kid, I would resist every opportunity for naps, sleeping, and bedtime. Now, I have to physically drag myself out of bed and force myself not to take naps and go back to sleep."


What else do you now love as an adult but couldn't stand as a kid? Share your response in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.