"Millennials Demand Full Accountability": 20 Things That Millennials Actually Got Rid Of Forever

This post contains discussion of child abuse.

Listen up — millennials are here to stay, and they aren't going anywhere. A lot has changed under the generational shift that they've been a part of, whether you like it or not.

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Redditor u/BigCuppaCoff33 recently asked the people of Reddit, "What are you proud of that millennials have actually 'ended' or 'ruined?'" Honestly, it's good that we left so many of these things behind, and maybe with hindsight, you'll agree, too:

1."The 'I hate my wife/husband' genre of jokes."


2."Hating your spouse. I'm so happy that more people are waiting to get married because they want to be sure their partner is the right one for them. It's not enough to just love your partner, you have to like spending time with them, too."


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3."Getting beaten by your elders."


4."In the state of Washington, we passed a law that forces employers to disclose job wages in ad postings so we could normalize people speaking about wages and let people know they are federally protected in doing so."


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5."Being an absent father. Millennial Dads have made Dadding cool."


6."They spend way less on diamonds."


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7."Millennials killed ironing clothes."


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8."Having kids just because 'that's what everyone else did.'"


9."The stigma of mental health."


10."Toxic family dynamics. Oh yeah, millennials demand full accountability for generational bullshit."


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11."All of that 'loyalty to the workplace, work is the most important thing' bullshit. Don’t go above and beyond — act your wage and pay me what I’m worth. Glad we are finally stopping the abusive employer/employee relationships that boomers set in place."


12."I love seeing the downfall of crappy chain restaurants."


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13."The way millennials treat the LGBTQIA+ community is much better than previous generations."


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14."Men holding in their emotions for the sake of 'being a man.'"


15."The stigma against childless/childfree people is a lot lower."


16."Millennials and hipsters are responsible for healthier food options."


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17."In America, smoking is almost nonexistent compared to when I was a kid."


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18."Feeding our pets shit food."


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19."I'm proud we go to therapy! Gen X and boomers seem to feel like it's only for crazy people. Go talk to someone, damn!"


And finally...



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Got your own suggestions? See you in the comments!

These entries were edited for length and clarity.

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