People Are Sharing "Normal" Things That Are Actually Gross, And It's Pretty Eye-Opening

Look, there are some things that happen in everyday life that are just flat-out gross — but when it comes to what those things actually are, opinions differ across the board.

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Redditor u/gilligan888 recently asked the people of Reddit, "What’s something everyone finds normal, but you find it to be gross?" Some of these replies were...interesting, to say the least:

1."Spitting, especially loogies. I literally almost throw up when I see someone doing it."


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2."On colder days, when my dad walks the dog, he’ll sometimes hold the dog poop bag in his hands to warm his hands."


3."I am repulsed by holding chalk and writing on a chalkboard. The touch, the feel, the sound — everything."


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4."People monetizing their kids on YouTube."


5."When someone else 'washes' my dishes for me and I drink from a 'clean' glass and it smells of rotting food, and I look at my sponge and it's covered in food, because someone thought that smearing food around my dishes with a sponge somehow made them clean."


6."Children with food on their face."


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7."Wearing those big-ass engagement rings and never properly cleaning them. Especially in a hospital, nobody should be wearing anything below the elbow, for good hand hygiene. I can’t imagine how many germs live between all those diamonds that are now spreading to my patients. Just take it all off and leave them at home!"


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8."Licking their fingers to turn a page. Turns my stomach!"


9."The sound of people chewing."


10."Not washing hands before a meal. You have been in filth, and you are going to touch your food with those hands? Yuck."


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11."Childbirth. We're all here because of it, and it's currently my day job to catch a baby or two per day, but goddamn, is it like watching a woman's genitals go through Vietnam each time."


12."Washing dishes in a tub of soapy water and not rinsing off the soap suds, and not scrubbing the outsides of pots and pans as well. It makes me want to vomit. I'd rather not taste stale soap and bacteria in my cup of tea or food, thanks. I can always tell."


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13."Leaving the toilet seat up after flushing."


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14."Unkempt beards."


15."Five-foot-long eyelashes."


16."Blowing out birthday cake candles. Here, let me blow my spit all over this cake, then cut it up and expect everyone to eat it. Instead, we should do a sheet cake for all and a cupcake with a candle for the blower."


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17."Long nails."


18."Posting uncensored pictures, videos, or text messages of other people online to make fun of them."


19."When people don't wear underwear under their gym clothes. I don't care who you are — you better be wiping off the seats of the equipment, because you know you got your liquids on it."


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And finally...

20."Employers paying new hires more than tenured employees, and having drastically different pay rates for people with similar credentials doing the same job."


Agree? Disagree? Got your own? See you in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.