"I Just Changed My Husband's Name From 'OK Cupid Guy #3' To His Real Name After 5 Years Of Marriage" — People Are Sharing What They Have Their S.O.'s Names In Their Phone As, And It's Hilarious

A hysterical tweet by a woman named Jennifer Wortman has recently resurfaced after Bored Panda shared this little gem on Facebook:

"One of my identical twins has the other twin in his phone as 'spare parts'"

The tweet was originally posted back in 2021, but it is still completely relevant (and humorous) today, so it's no wonder the originally viral post has gone viral again.

Today I discovered my husband has me in his phone as “Jennifer Wortman.”

— Jennifer Wortman (@wrefinnej) January 30, 2021

Twitter: @wrefinnej

Sifting through the thousands of comments, you'll find a lot of people who do not call their partner their actual name in their contact list:

Full name for my husband, which I finally changed from “OK Cupid Guy #3” after five years of marriage.

— Allison K Williams (@GuerillaMemoir) January 30, 2021

Twitter: @GuerillaMemoir

A lot of people enjoy having a little fun, case in point:

My girlfriend is Damn Jackie, as in a That 70’s Show reference she finds deeply unfunny. I figure they ended up together 🤷🏼‍♂️

— Sawyer Avery (@sawyeravery) January 30, 2021

Twitter: @sawyeravery

And some have no problem just playfully adding whatever name they want:

I was *bitch* so you are good.

— LorettaFaucher🇺🇲🌊🌊🇺🇦🌻 (@lorettafaucher) February 1, 2021

Twitter: @lorettafaucher

It actually can be a compliment to a lot of people:

My wife in my phone

— Dalyn Montgomery (@brohammas) January 31, 2021

Twitter: @brohammas

And just a lot of fun:

I had a coworker named Rob and a boss named rob, so he became Boss Rob, which quickly changed to Bob Ross

— Jacob Paris ⌘ (@jacobmparis) January 31, 2021

Twitter: @jacobmparis

It's especially fun for those people when they can change their photo to something random as well:

I have my bf listed as "boyfriend", and his contact picture is Barry Manilow. It started as a joke when he got a new number, but it's been 2 years & I still find it hilarious.

— Creeping Beauty (@angmichaud) January 31, 2021

Twitter: @angmichaud

In fact, some people think of you as less close if you save them as their government-issued name:

I had my son saved as his full name and thought nothing of it. Until he found out a couple of years ago and was so hurt! I got so many "Mom, how could you? I'm your son!" I was so ashamed and changed to my pet name for him immediately. He had me saved as "momma bear"

— Cosmata Lindie 🇬🇾 (@Cosmata1) February 1, 2021

Twitter: @Cosmata1

Because it can be just that little reminder you need...

I have this for my wife’s iPhone name, “She loves you yeah yeah yeah” When I have my headphones in and she texts, I get an audio readout that relates to me, “She loves you yeah yeah yeah says...” It makes me feel so glad.

— James Needham (@IfPreception) January 31, 2021

Twitter: @IfPreception

...Or just a term for, uh, sexy time LOL??

I used to have my dude name as "It's Sausage Time" 🤣🤣🤣 Now it's under his government name now😁

— SweetHoneyBunny (@ItzCupcakeBihh) February 1, 2021

Twitter: @ItzCupcakeBihh

Either way — you get that perspective. But now, we present people on the opposite side of the fence:

I have my husband with his full name, and he has mine the same way.Why this is odd?

— Işıl Arıcan (@isil_arican) January 31, 2021

Twitter: @isil_arican

They...just don't get it:

Took me forever understand what the issue was lol. My wife is also listed by.....her name

— 🇯🇲Rock D Lee Reactions & Entertainment (@yaboyrocklee_) February 1, 2021

Twitter: @yaboyrocklee_

And people have legit reasons for not giving their partner's funny or random names in their phones:

It may have nothing to do with romanticizing it might be practicality. If you’re in an accident and you can’t respond someone looking through your phone is looking for someone with the same last name as you. Not honey sugar pie

— caring 💙🇺🇸🌈✌🏻 (@caringguy1957) February 1, 2021

Twitter: @caringguy1957

It made some people question what their partner actually has them saved as and, yes, a lot of people found out their partner does, in fact, save them by their first and last name:

Ladies and gentlemen, I present my husband’s contact listing for me, his wife of 16 years—Christine Moore

— Christine Moore (@christinewmoore) January 31, 2021

Twitter: @christinewmoore

It was pointed out that you are a VIP if you get saved with your first and last name, AND all your other info.

It is to have a standard high level of contact list. My Mom/Dad all have the full name, address, etc. Its so I cam easily sync or ecport it as needed and not have to manually adjust contacts for personalized names. Samsung's contacts do allow you to save nicknames though.

— David Strausser (@dstrausser83) March 4, 2021

Twitter: @dstrausser83

And, ultimately, some couples are split down the middle on their views of contact saving:

Yesterday discovered my husband had me in with my full name also. Changed it to Hot Wife. It’s unclear if he’ll make the association.

— Rekha Chandrabose, MD she/her 🏳️‍🌈 🗽 (@rekhakuttikat) January 31, 2021

Twitter: @rekhakuttikat

So, there are two opposite perspectives.

"I don't get it"

We actually spoke to Jennifer, who originally tweeted about this, and she said she thought it was hilarious because she doesn't even go by Jennifer in her everyday life — she goes by "Jenny," and that is what her husband calls her.

Closeup of Jenny
Jennifer Wortman

And she's always had her husband in her phone just as his first name, hence why she thought him having her proper first AND last name was hilarious.

"I'm pretty flummoxed by the response to this tweet, which I dashed off on a whim. I never expected it to become a viral sensation that will never die. The funniest thing about all this is it's shown me the world is divided into two kinds of people: those who instantly understand why it's weird my husband saved me in [his] phone by my first and last name and those who are so confused about why I would find that weird that they dig up my email address to ask me about it," she said.

Oh, and if you're wondering, Jenny said she is still "Jennifer Wortman" in her husband's phone.

A woman looking side to side

So, there you have it. A contact list world divided! Let us know what funny name you save people as in your phone — or if you just straight up think this is odd behavior!!!