Penélope Cruz's new side sweeping fringe is reminiscent of the early 00s

"Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you," I sang into the mirror, donning over-the-knee stripy socks and bouffant bangs just skimming my eyelashes. And while this all sounds far too familiar to my WFH antics just last week, my scene kid emo era did, in fact, occur circa 2005 (with infamous Disney legs 'n' all... IYKYK).

But what brings me to reminisce on such an iconic time would be Penélope Cruz's newly debuted side sweeping fringe. Who'd of thought?

Now, while Penélope's fresh look is sans-saturated with Claire's Accessories pink hair spray, it does feature all of the key elements of a Y2K fringe. Aka, a deep deep parting, teased texture and over-grown lengths. See evidence of said scene fringe below with Penélope's recent shoot for the cover of ELLE USA magazine:

IMO, slide three is giving a wind-swept mod version of 'It's not a phase, Mom!' And ofc, we're so here for it. Impossibly hot, chic and emo – in equal parts.

The actor's longtime and go-to hairstylist, Pablo Iglesias was the artist behind this early aughts look and contrary to what you may believe, we suspect the fringe isn't the result of a cut but instead, tactical placement of the hair. Pablo would have parted her locks to the side, sweeping Penélope's face-framing stands over her forehead to create a faux eye-grazing bang.

After all, this shoot would have taken place a while back aaand it was just last week that the actor stepped out with a newly cut lob – that is, without a fringe in sight.

Nevertheless, we're so here for this time-travelling hairstyle. As we always say, trends are cyclical!

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