'Peak Pocock': Fans touched by Wallaby's low-key wedding

Fans have congratulated Wallabies star David Pocock after the outspoken gay marriage advocate shared photos of his own unique wedding ceremony.

Pocock and his partner Emma vowed during a commitment ceremony in 2010 that they wouldn’t officially get married until their gay friends were also able to.

“We’ve chatted about it. At the time in 2010 we had a little ceremony with family and friends, but decided we didn’t want to sign anything our friends couldn’t,” Pocock told Fairfax in January.

“It’s kind of just been a personal stand and we’ll see what happens, we’ll organise something low key. There’s plenty of time to sort of all of that out.”

Following Australia’s decision in 2017 to legalise gay marriage, Pocock has come good on that pledge – albeit in typical low-key fashion.

Pocock’s wedding took the term ‘low key’ to a new level. Pic: Twitter@pocockdavid

Photos posted to social media show the Wallabies star and his partner tying the knot, with no one but a marriage celebrant in attendance.

The happy couple have opted to forgo the traditionally elaborate wedding attire – donning a casual weekend look for their nuptials instead.

The minimalist approach has proven a hit with Pocock’s supporters on social media.

Pocock shared the news of his wedding with his social media followers, captioning a photograph of the pair with: “Married my best mate yesterday 😊.

“Say yes to grace! Say no to spite! Say yes to this! Say yes to you! Say yes to me! Say yes to love! Say yes to life! Say, say yes to life!

“I hope we can live into the words of Rilke: “The point of marriage is not to create a quick commonality by tearing down all boundaries; on the contrary, a good marriage Is one in which each partner appoints the other to be the guardian of his solitude, and thus they show each other the greatest possible trust.

“A merging of two people is an impossibility, and where it seems to exist, it is a hemming-in, a mutual consent that robs one party or both parties of their fullest freedom and development.

“But once the realisation is accepted that even between the closest people infinite distances exist, a marvelous living side-by-side can grow up for them, if they succeed in loving the expanse between them, which gives them the possibility of always seeing each other as a whole and before an immense sky.”.