Peachey backflips on backflip in bizarre contract situation

Tyrone Peachey has seemingly backflipped on his backflip after he contradicted his own statement and numerous reports about his refusal to honour a three-year contract he signed with the Gold Coast Titans.

Peachey signed the deal in March, but last month the NSW State of Origin utility was reportedly reconsidering the move for personal reasons.

On Wednesday morning it was revealed he had told his agent Sam Ayoub he wanted to stay in Sydney.

“I love this club. They gave me this opportunity to play consistent first grade and I wouldn’t have left if I didn’t have to,” Peachey told the media.

“We’ve just built in Penrith and the missus is real comfortable in that place.

“I spoke to my manager and told him what I want to happen. I also told him I don’t want to worry about anything until the end of the year.

“I just want to worry about Penrith for the moment and we’ll figure the rest out at the end of the year.”

Tyrone Peachey has told 7 News he won’t renege on his Gold Coast contract. Pic: 7 News

In one TV interview during the afternoon, he added that he was “not too sure” about whether he was going to move to the Gold Coast.

But in a sit-down with 7 News Sydney, Peachey attempted to clear it all up – only to make the situation all the more bizarre.

“All my family and friends were texting me, stressing,” he said.

“Nah, no confusion. I think they might have just misread it. It’s a bit crazy what happened today in the media, they’re all saying I’m staying.

“But I’ve got a contract in Goldie and I’m heading up there.”

Peachey did confirm he had second thoughts about the move in recent months – in part due to their new house, as he had mentioned earlier on Wednesday.

“Me and the missus just built here and pretty comfortable so it’s going to be tough to leave, but I’ve got to oblige that contract,” he told 7 News.

Tyrone Peachey will move his family out of his new house to head up to the Titans. Pic: Getty

The 27-year-old said Titans coach Garth Brennan had not yet called him to discuss the speculation and joked that “he mustn’t want me up there that much”.

However, Gold Coast didn’t back down as outgoing Titans boss Graham Annesley hit out and said there was no decision to be made by Peachey.

“The situation is that he’s got a legally binding contract with the Titans and of course we expect him to honour it,” Annesley said.

“We’ve made a lot of recruitment and retention decisions off the back of his signing and we expect him to be here later this year.

“How could we (release him?) Where would we find another player of that quality on the market? Players like that don’t exist at this stage of the year.”

Peachey was granted permission to leave Penrith as they battled to manage their salary cap.

It’s unlikely the Panthers would be able to fit him into their cap for next season, given they’ve already budgeted for his departure and he is not a starting player at the club if they are at full fitness.

Peachey hopes to make a full-time move to the five-eighth position under Brennan, who is a former Penrith assistant coach.

“I’m happy in the centres at the moment but if I was to go to the Goldy I would really like to pursue that No.6 jersey,” he had told reporters on Wednesday.

“(Halfback) Ash Taylor is a good kicker, he runs the game well. I could just play as a runner.”

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