'F*** off': New vision shows fiery aftermath of Paul Gallen incident

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A heated exchange between referee John Cauchi and one of Paul Gallen's advisers happened in the moments after the bout against Justis Huni.
Paul Gallen's adviser Peter Mitrevski was involved in a heated exchange with referee John Cauchi after the ex-NRL star's loss to Justis Huni on Wednesday. Pictures: Main Event/Getty Images

Footage has emerged of Paul Gallen's corner in a heated argument with referee John Cauchi moments after the former NRL star's defeat at the hands of Justis Huni.

After weeks of trash talk leading up to Wednesday night's heavyweight bout, Huni stopped Gallen in the 10th round, with Cauchi putting a stop to proceedings with just two minutes left to fight.

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However, there was a twist in the tale with Fox Sports reporting there had been a confrontation between Cauchi and Gallen's corner moments after the fight was ended.

Peter Mitrevski, an adviser to Gallen, was seen arguing with Cauchi over the veteran referee's call to end the fight.

Despite Gallen clearly worse for wear and having been knocked down moments earlier, Mitrevski was fuming at Cauchi for not allowing the fight to go the distance.

“You’re a joke. You’re a joke. You’re a joke. You’re a joke. I said it before," a furious Mitrevski could be heard saying.

Cauchi, in turn, told Mitrevski to 'F***off, you're a f***ing idiot'.

"You're a joke, you're incompetent," Mitrevski said. "We were never going to win the fight. We were never going to win the fight. Never. But the whole fight..."

The pair then appear to come together, with Cauchi telling Mitrevski to 'get out' and Mitrevski replying, "Don’t touch me. I’ll f***ing knock your head (off)."

In an interview with Channel 9, Mitrevski defended his conduct and said Cauchi had behaved overly aggressively towards Gallen's corner throughout the fight.

He also added that Gallen's camp had pushed to have a different referee.

Paul Gallen's camp furious over referee encounter after Huni fight

Speaking to Channel 9, Mitrevski said there was more to the story than just what the in-ring footage showed of the exchange between him and Cauchi.

“First of all you can’t see what’s happening,” he said. 

“(Cauchi) pushed me and I told him not to touch me. He was telling us to shut up in the corner all night. 

"I spoke to Jeff Fenech and he agrees John Cauchi is too aggressive.

“He’s incompetent. We were copping low blows all night. He said he wants to look after the fighter but he never pulled those up. 

"Look this is not about Huni. He won fair and square but the referee is incompetent.”

Justis Huni defeated Paul Gallen in the 10th round of their heavyweight bout on Wednesday night. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
Justis Huni defeated Paul Gallen in the 10th round of their heavyweight bout on Wednesday night. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

“I didn’t want him as the referee. I’ve seen what he’s done in the past. The way he handled (Michael) Zerafa and (Jeff) Horn was ridiculous. I just thought we needed a better referee.”

Despite the frustration at Cauchi calling the fight, it was clear as day that Gallen was out on his feet.

By the former Cronulla Shark's own admission, he was simply trying to make it to the end after realising mid-way through the fight he was unlikely to win.

“By the end of the sixth or seventh round, I knew I wasn’t going to win it, I just wanted to finish it,” Gallen said.

“While he knocked me down fair and square I thought the referee maybe stopped it early. But I was never going to win the fight. I would have liked to have finished it.”

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