Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will reportedly interview with Panthers, Giants and Browns

Frank Schwab

Maybe this time, if Josh McDaniels accepts a head-coaching job, he’ll actually follow through and not back out at the last second.

Despite McDaniels’ history, which includes a disastrous stint as the Denver Broncos’ head coach and backing out of the Indianapolis Colts’ job after accepting it, NFL teams trust that it’ll be different for them.

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Three teams with head-coaching vacancies are going to talk to McDaniels this week. The Patriots are out of the playoffs after losing a wild-card game last week, giving McDaniels enough time to interview with teams and leave them hanging after he accepts one of the jobs.

Josh McDaniels in demand

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that McDaniels will interview with the Cleveland Browns on Friday. He’ll interview with the New York Giants on Wednesday and has another interview with the Carolina Panthers, Cabot reported.

The Browns have had this dance with McDaniels before. In January of 2014, McDaniels removed his name from consideration for the Browns job. McDaniels is from Canton, Ohio, so it seems like a natural fit between the team and the longtime Patriots offensive coordinator.

McDaniels will continue to get interviews until he has a head-coaching job. He’s a masterful Xs and Os coach, which causes teams to overlook the reasons why it’s hard to trust him.

Josh McDaniels will reportedly interview with the Panthers, Giants and Browns. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, Archivo)
Josh McDaniels will reportedly interview with the Panthers, Giants and Browns. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, Archivo)

McDaniels’ first head-coaching job went poorly

McDaniels wasn’t ready for his first head-coaching job, with the Denver Broncos. The Broncos made it worse by giving him control over personnel. He alienated just about everyone in the organization, made some ridiculous personnel moves and horrible draft decisions. McDaniels and the Broncos were each fined $50,000 for filming a 49ers practice in London, and that was practically the end for McDaniels in Denver.

Then came the Colts fiasco, when McDaniels agreed to the job but never got on the plane to Indianapolis. The Colts had to scramble to hire Frank Reich, and McDaniels stayed in New England.

McDaniels has spoken about how he has changed since his Denver experience, and perhaps he has. And it doesn’t seem like how he handled the Colts situation has mattered much to other NFL teams. It could turn out fine, as long as the team that hires him makes sure he’s in the building and signs a contract before they announce it.

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