'Need to be patient'? Or have Chelsea 'created their own apocalypse'?

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Our BBC Radio London expert Steve Brown and Chelsea left-back Ben Chilwell have stressed the need for patience at Stamford Bridge so we asked you for your say on the beginning of Mauricio Pochettino's reign.

Here are a selection of your comments:

Olly: Everyone seems to be panicking and extremely reactionary, but I'm quietly confident. Our underlying stats are really positive even with the two losses. I think we just need to develop the winning mentality and some composure in attack and defence. If Enzo hadn't missed a penalty and Jackson finished his chance against Forest, we'd be unbeaten.

Mark: We as Chelsea fans need to be patient, we will not get success back over night. The plan pre-season got completely smashed by all these injuries to key players, so we are putting youngsters in that would normally be integrated slowly. Saturday showed that some need more time. Our manager knows what he is doing but needs time.

Will: Chelsea have been dealing with the same issues for years. No clinical 20+ goal a season striker since Costa left and no creativity to open up a packed defence since Hazard and Fabregas left. Until those two issues are dealt with, we will continue to struggle to become a trophy winning team again.

Pierre: Chelsea seem to have created their own apocalypse. A new manager to fix the problems created last season, but it seems it's frying pan to fire. I am a Chelsea fan of 50 years and can barely summon the interest to turn on Match of the Day. I don't know any of the new players. Look at West Ham, Palace, low budget and outperforming us!

Andrew: Anybody who thinks a whole new team of players would instantly click were kidding themselves. Right now we are where Arsenal were a couple of years back and we need patience. I'm happy the short-term fixes are gone and we're buying for the future, even if the here and now is painful!

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