'Patience is needed - we took a while to click last season'

Burnley fan's voice graphic
Burnley fan's voice graphic

Joe Redmond, Turfcast

Burnley’s start to the season has been a little concerning, but it’s nowhere near as bad as some people are making out.

I’ve seen pundits who had originally predicted us to do well now change their opinions and have us going down.

Perspective is needed - Burnley have played what will probably be three of the top six come the end of the season - Manchester City, Aston Villa, and Tottenham Hotspur.

Admittedly, we can’t just hide behind the quality of the teams we’ve played and say everything is fine - because it isn’t. The defensive side of our game has been very poor. And that’s being polite.

We were cut open far too easily against Spurs and the obvious weakness at left-back, which everyone was aware of as soon as Ian Maatsen went back to Chelsea, was exposed again and again.

But it’s difficult to gauge where we are at at the moment, and it will remain like this until we play some teams around us.

We do have Nottingham Forest away next, but after that we’re right back into teams battling for the top six again, with games against Newcastle United and Manchester United.

Patience is needed. We took a while to click last season and I’m hoping this season will be the same. The problem with the Premier League is you don’t have as much time.

I'm not changing my prediction, though. I said we will stay up and I'm standing by that at this moment.

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