'Pathetic': Wimbledon champ's brutal Kyrgios critique

Retired former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli has taken a brutal swipe at Nick Kyrgios, describing him as “pathetic” and questioning whether he will ever be able to win a grand slam title.

The Frenchwoman – a winner at the All England Club in 2013 – was speaking on the BBC’s coverage in the wake of Kyrgios’s straight sets win against Robin Haase.

When asked if she thought Kyrgios was capable of winning a grand slam in the future, Bartoli gave a brutally honest response.

“I don’t think so,” she said without hesitation.

“Just because his work ethic is just not good enough to win a grand slam.

“And even when Rafa and Roger will eventually retire, the field is just too strong.

“All of the other players just put (in) so much hard work to be there.”

Bartoli agreed with a suggestion from fellow analyst and former grand slam champion, John McEnroe, that Kyrgios had similar characteristics to her countryman, Gael Monfils.

“That’s why Gael (Monfils) has never won a grand slam as well and it’s a true shame because those kids just have so much potential.

“It’s really, in a way pathetic, to see them just being (childish).

“It just seems like they can’t grow up. they can’t become men they just can’t take charge of their own lives.”

Bartoli doubts whether Kyrgios has the mindset to win a grand slam title. Pic: Getty/BBC

Kyrgios fired back at the Frenchwoman’s analysis on social media with a post reading: “Hahahahaha 😂 good perspective 👍🏽.”

Bartoli did go on to say after her stinging criticism that she hoped Kyrgios lived up to his unquestionable ability.

“I truly hope Nick will be able to get it together at some point,” she said.

“I don’t know what he needs … maybe a wake up call to see he’s going to waste his life if he keeps on acting like that.”

Kyrgios had more problems dealing with his entourage than he did with Haase.

As he motored towards victory in the third set, Kyrgios turned on his courtside box, including his father George, demanding they stand up and cheer him home.

“Why are you down? How hard is it to stand up for one game? This could be over in five minutes,” he moaned, over and over.

And despite adding another 19 aces to his massive English summer tally, an agitated Kyrgios also sought an explanation of the foot-fault rule from umpire James Keothavong after repeatedly being pinged for over-stepping the service line.

During a changeover, the official descended from his chair to demonstrate before Kyrgios carried on and eventually completed an otherwise comfortable straight-sets win.

“The first two sets, I was pretty impressed with my performance,” Kyrgios said after progressing to a meeting on Saturday with Kei Nishikori.

“Obviously the third set got a bit rocky. I broke him a couple times, lost my serve, lost focus.

“I knew the match was going to get tough at a certain stage. I’m just glad I got through it and didn’t have to go to four sets.”

Nishikori’s 2-6 6-3 7-6 (9-7) 7-5 victory over Bernard Tomic robbed fans of a long-awaited first-time match-up between Kyrgios and Tomic.

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