Passenger slams Sydney taxi driver who charged $90 for 10-minute ride

One Sydney commuter copped a massive $92.59 taxi fare for just a ten minute trip in the CBD.

Sharing a photo of the receipt to Reddit, the passenger simply said “Sydney’s getting a little expensive”.

According to a comment on the Reddit thread, the passenger caught the cab earlier in the week from Sydney’s Martin Place to Chippendale at 3pm.

When asked why the commuter paid the fare, they said the “displayed fare looked correct”, however, the displayed fare is not what they were charged.

One Sydney commuter was charged over $90 for a 10 minute taxi. Source: Reddit
One Sydney commuter was charged over $90 for a 10 minute taxi. Source: Reddit

Many people in the Reddit thread speculated this was a mistake - “malicious or not”.

“Sounds like you got ripped off,” one person said. “Or the cab driver made an honest error on the pin-pad.

“That should take you about 40kms”.

As it turns out, when hailing a taxi today, the passenger ended up getting the same taxi driver.

“I hailed a cab today and it was the same guy,” the Reddit user said. “He admitted his mistake and refunded.”

The state government regulates taxi fares, whether you get a cab from a taxi rank, or you hail one from the street.

Taxi fares will differ from state to state, and will be dependant on whether the commute is in an urban or country area.

For NSW, the distance rate is $2.19 per kilometre and taxi trips between 10pm to 6am have a rate of 2.63 kilometres per hour.

There is a flat rate hire charge, which is $3.60, except from 10pm to 6am on Fridays, Saturdays and the night before public holidays when there’s an additional charge of $2.50.

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