Paris Jackson's natural curly hair texture is so beautiful

paris jackson natural hair texture
Paris Jackson's shares natural curly hair textureAxelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Paris Jackson is no bone-straight girly, but the tousled waves she's sported over the years certainly weren't the whole story. It seems like a constant stream of celebs we thought of as straight-haired are embracing and encouraging waves and ringlets, putting down the hair dryer that so easily blew them out into straight hair.

Keeping up the family business, the model and singer has been putting in the hours on stage this summer, posting this montage to her Instagram, and we cannot get over how gorgeous and bouncy her loose curls are.

The beachy surfer curls go from a soft honey root, then fall down her back into sun-bleached curls, with so much volume and definition. We did wonder if a tong had been involved as this is the curliest we've seen her waves, but this kind of change can easily come about through haircare and products intentionally used to enhance and nurture your curl pattern.

Growing up in a generation that automatically reached for a hair dryer after a wash, many with looser curls or waves don't even realise they had them and, instead, spend their life battling 'frizz' or flyaways, not knowing it's waves trying to break loose!

Just look at them here while the star was opening for Incubus in New Jersey. Perfect for shaking about on stage, and in keeping with her 90s grunge aesthetic, we can't believe she doesn't wear her hair curly all the time.

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