Paralympic champion with artificial legs fined for parking in disabled spot

A Paralympic champion has revealed his shock at being fined for parking in a disabled spot, despite not having any legs.

Liam Malone, a Kiwi Paralympic sprinter, shared his surprise on Twitter, after being given a parking ticket in Auckland by a parking inspector who could clearly see he had artificial legs.

“I was given a parking ticket for parking in a disabled car park the other day despite (the) warden seeing I had artificial legs. WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT,” he tweeted.

Liam Malone competes at the Rio Paralympics. Pic: Getty

The 24-year-old has since revealed he was joking in the tweet, and accepted that his car didn’t have the necessary permits to park in the disabled spot, as many observers noted on his social media post.

The two-times gold medallist told New Zealand news website Stuff that he was happy to pay the fine.

“It’s obviously a joke, I mean yeah I got the ticket, but I’m not obviously upset about it,” Malone said.

​”I mean I ran across the road to grab a coffee, I was there for all of five minutes.

“I don’t have a parking disabilities ticket, so all I was doing (with the tweet) was making a joke about the fact that I got one and I don’t have legs, that’s all.

“The parking warden probably saw that I was running across the road. He might have just seen me running across the road and might not have saw that I have no legs. I assume that he did.

“I’m more than willing to pay the parking fine. I don’t need to park in disabled carpark, I just think it’s funny that I got one.”

Malone won two golds and a silver in sprint events at the 2016 Paralympics. Pic: Getty

A notice on the Auckland City Council website explains that having a medical condition or disability doesn’t immediately entitle a person to park in a disabled parking spot.

The site explains that people must first apply for a mobile parking permit at a seperate disability website.

The council explains that a person qualifies for the permit if they: are unable to walk and require a wheelchair; their ability to walk is severely restricted by a medical condition or disability; they require a mobility aid or experience severe pain; or they have a disability that requires close supervision to safely get around.

Malone won two golds and a silver in sprint events at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio.